Core Set: To buy or not to buy…

I’m not sure if it’s just that time of the year, X-Men being announced or the death of another game ( R.I.P Guild Ball) but the Facebook groups have an influx of new members. With new people come some of the same questions, one being “do I need to buy the core set?”

The answer is of course no, you don’t need to buy the core set, but you should. Core boxes for games are designed to entice players and are therefore fantastic value for money. In the case of Marvel: Crisis Protocol (MCP hereafter) the value is huge. Currently available for £74.99 at my FLGS The Outpost.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents:

10 hard plastic character miniatures:
– Black Widow
– Captain America
– Captain Marvel
– Iron Man
– Spider-Man
– Baron Zemo
– Crossbones
– Doctor Octopus
– Red Skull
– Ultron
10 bases of varied size
9 pieces of terrain
-1 Daily Bugle stand
-2 cars
-2 dumpsters
-2 traffic lights
-2 lampposts
170 Tokens
20 team tactics cards
3 map cards
2 affiliation cards
10 character stat cards
6 crisis cards
3 movement tools
4 range tools
1 learn to play guide

The Core Box

First and foremost it depends on how you want to play MCP. To play with a roster of 10 models, as is intended, you will also need 3 secure and 3 extraction Crises. To get these separately you will either need to hit up eBay for someone splitting the core box or buy sets that come with one of these Crisis Cards. This will set you back around £20 -£30 but will probably also include the tokens.

Terrain is another factor, if you have appropriate scaled terrain/access to 3d printing or O gauge model scenery then you are fine. Otherwise the terrain included in the box plus and extra building will set you back £39.99.

Models and Terrain

Templates are integral to the game and you will need to have a set to play, these will set you back £14.99. As MCP uses custom dice you will need a set of these at £7.99

If we add this up that’s already more than the cost of the core box.

The core box also contains 2 affiliations that are playable and also currently (other than ebay) is the only source for these 10 models. It’s also the only source for some of the key Tactics cards: Drop Off and Brace for Impact being the 2 biggest.


It not here to tell you how to spend your money just to point out what a great deal you get in the core box and a perfect gateway into the game.

Hopefully see you the other side of a table soon

Crisis Talks Assemble

Not only does Marvel: Crisis Protocol (MCP) have an amazing system and some amazing models but it has a standout community. With this in mind, it would feel selfish of me to not contribute. This blog although predominantly being content from me (Mike) the rest of my local community have been given the green light to contribute.

A little about me… A married dad of two(5yo and 6mo) boys and I love playing tabletop games. I have played for 26 years spanning back to Space Crusade and 3rd edition 40K. I worked for Games Workshop  for 2 years then moved on to University and stopped playing.

3 years later I’m back playing 40k and RPGs. I then worked Part-Time in Outpost Sheffield running events at weekend. I ran and played  Warmachine, X-Wing and Guild Ball events. I have run and helped organise some of the world largest Guild Ball events including World Team Championships  and multiple Vengeance events (2 Day 128 player event).

What is the purpose of this blog?

Partially as stated above, this community seems great, it allows me to post the occasions Idris Reset the Clock with fear of admins removing my post(yes it’s over-used) and finally I feel I have things to share.

Another persons perspective is always interesting to me so I hope people find value in what I say. Should the response be positive this may move towards a podcast, but defiantly some live streaming/recordings from games nights and events.

What am I doing now?

Currently I am playing catch-up, as a late comer to MCP. Still 8 more on order that will bring me up to date with June’s releases and a pile of terrain that I need to paint.

I have only played one physical game of MCP which was a demo game from a friend. But thanks to the amazing community we have a Tabletop Simulator Module (TTS). I have played about 22 games during lockdown. I have focused mainly on playing Guardians but have branched into Cabal, both affiliations I really enjoyed.


I will not be writing a what is MCP? or How to Play, there is a wealth of content to cover this and I would rather link to others in the community. 

I will start with new characters and affiliations but I am sure as I talk about these comparisons and conversations about older models will come out.

What am I most looking forward to in MCP? SpiderVerse and Spider Foes – especially KINGPIN!

Thats all from me but hopefully some new releases to share my thoughts on soon 🙂